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Brilliant WhitesDo you ever wonder why celebrities have shining white teeth when they smile? Are you one of those who often dream of getting that perfect smile? Do you want to get rid of those yellow stains on your teeth? Well, wonder no more as teeth whitening products can help you to achieve those lustrous teeth. Most of the stains found in teeth are often caused by nicotine, sodas, drinking tea and even wine. These stains cannot be eradicated by simple brushing. Stains and discolored teeth can be treated by using the teeth whitening trays.

Teeth whitening trays are an easy method to get rid of those yellow spots on your teeth. This is the best at home teeth whitener because it is easy to use and the fastest product that can whiten your teeth. Brilliant Whites is one such product which works as a bleaching agent to your teeth and lets you have that celebrity smile.

Ingredients Of Brilliant Whites Teeth Whitening Tray:

Brilliant Whites consists of 35% Carbamide Peroxide. Carbamide Peroxide is a combination of Hydrogen Peroxide and Urea. Carbamide peroxide is used in dental application as a bleaching agent. This also works as a purifier and useful in oxidation. It has given effective results in lightening of the stains that are caused by coffee, tobacco, tea and sodas.

Brilliant Whites Benefits:

As Brilliant Whites is available in the tray format, it can get easily fit in your handbag or is very handy when you are travelling. Hence you can hold it along with you wherever you want. Other benefits are as follows:

  • It is very easy to use.
  • You get that special smile within hours of application of Brilliant Whites Teeth Whitening Kit.
  • Brilliant Whites Whitening Kit contains quality ingredients.
  • It is an efficient cavity fighter and prevents decay from occurring.
  • Brilliant Whites is an easy and handy technique to whiten teeth up to five shades.
  • Brilliant Whites Teeth Whitening System is a one stop solution for getting a perfect smile with whiter teeth.

Brilliant Whites Teeth Whitening System

 Brilliant Whites Whitening Kit Vs Other Teeth Whitening Products:

Teeth’s whitening is a serious business and many methods are available in the market. Whitening procedure at the dentist, home remedies, over the counter solutions are some of them.

  • Teeth whitening at the Dentist can be cumbersome task. It takes a lot of time, effort and costs a fortune. On top of that, it has side effects like sensitive teeth, unnatural “bluish white look” and others. Instead of all this hassle, consider Brilliant Whites Whitening Kit as it comes at the luxury of you time and place and is inexpensive considered to the dentist procedure.
  • Home Remedies: Home remedies do work. Painfully slow and a lot of handwork, a lot of procedures and ingredients and after that a little bit improvement in teeth color. Some times these remedies cause erosion of tooth enamel and our teeth color deteriorates. To avoid these hassles and disappointments, Brilliant Whites is the best solution. It acts fast, without having to do much preparation or any expertise.
  • Over the Counter: A wide variety of over the counter and online solutions are available nowadays. These are very easy to understand and use, but are they safe or good? Well tested teeth whitening solutions like Brilliant Whites Whitening Kit are rare and market is rife with artificial products that bluff their ingredients and results. Brilliant Whites Whitening Kit is effective, hassle free and side effect free, which makes it an ideal teeth whitening product.

Brilliant Whites Vs Common Tooth Stainer:

Brilliant Whites Whitening Kit is a very handy tool against yellow stains, especially daily food and drinks which cause yellow or discolored teeth.

  • Tea and Coffee stains: Tea and Coffee contains traces of nicotine and tar, which over time, are deposited in crevices of our teeth. This causes yellow and brownish stains to appear on our teeth, making our smile unattractive. They also cause plaque deposits to increase and hence causing a world of problems. Brilliant Whites Whitening Kit reduces nicotine and tar deposits and helps in restoration of tooth enamel, thus improving tooth color.
  • Smoking: Frequent smoking also causes nicotine and tar deposits in our teeth and causes them to look black. This discoloration is easily noticed and has a bad effect on our personality. To eradicate this problem, Brilliant Whites Whitening Kit is an ideal way to go as it helps in reducing this deposits and restore orignal tooth color.
  • Soda and Power Drinks: Soda not only affects your physical health but also your dental health. The have a lot of sugar in them and hence cause a lot of tooth decay and discoloration. Similar is the case with power drinks. They too contain sugar which is detrimental to oral health and hence should be avoided. Brilliant Whites Whitening Kit contains essential compounds to help restore this damage and enhance oral health.
  • Fruit Drinks: Are fruit drinks really that healthy? Probably Not. These drinks contain sugar and acids, which erode tooth enamel, which is essential for maintaing white looking teeth. Drinking these liquids with straw is a good start but you need something like Brilliant Whites Whitening Kit to undo the damage already done.

Also, do not use your teeth for purposes other than eating. It may cause nerve damage and your oral healthy may never be the same.

Is Brilliant Whites Safe?

Brilliant Whites is safe to use and has been tested to whiten teeth efficiently, without any harm or sensitivity to teeth if used as directed. Many customers are pleased with the results offered by it.

Brilliant Whites Offers:

Brilliant Whites teeth whitening system is not available in any of the local stores. You have to click on the below link and order Brilliant Whites Teeth Tray via internet. You will be glad to know about the Risk Free Trial offer which is currently going on for Brilliant Whites Teeth Whitening System.

You have to simply invest a small amount for shipping & handling (S&P) fee to assess Brilliant Whites Teeth Tray for yourself. To get discount on S&P charges, use “WHITE1″ promo code. So order Brilliant Whites Teeth Tray and get rid of stains on your teeth and flaunt those shiny white teeth.

Click Here To Get Risk Free Trial Of Brilliant Whites Teeth Whitening Kit

Brilliant Whites Teeth Whitening System

3 Responses to Brilliant Whites

  1. I have used this whitening kit 2 times and do see a difference. it won’t make your gums red and teeth sensitive. I really think it does work, I also love this product, because it gives you fast results, my teeth are noticeably whiter.

  2. My teeth look great and I used to have stains that were just on my teeth for yrs. I thought they were permanent until my life ended until I found this product that will give me my wish of having a pearly white teeth.

  3. my buddies from the army had returned and started drinking and partying all the time. all that eating and drinking, caused a lot of damage to my teeth. i hardly noticed until my gf pointed out. i searched for a teeth whitening kit which was easy to use and helped my avoid the dentist. Brilliant Whites Whitening Tray was the best solution i found and i was right. it did help me clean those beer stains of my teeth and was realoly easy to use.avoided the dentist too!

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